Tell me what?

The music that we made will come back to feed us.

Let me know what you think . . .


12 responses to “Tell me what?

  1. Hi man how are you what are u up to ?where are you?am in the uk still!e-mail me or call me on 07931535710

  2. Hi Jumani! Great site! You sure can write! Considered writing a book???

  3. Jumani,
    I know it’s been ages since seeing you in Cape Town, but I’m coming through London on Wednesday (May 30) and have a 9 hour layover – if you’re free I would love to meet and catch up!

  4. And here we meet again after Cape Town, discussing and exchanging, Geneva… spell it out. Interesting mind. Good words.

  5. Why does the title of your blog seem like the name the American President George W. Bush would give his blog? ‘sounds so American bravado-esque. lol.

  6. Hey dude that love by consent piece could make a terrific basis for a short film can i use it when i do a full foray in a couple years time hey i still resent you for callin me a runt

  7. jumani
    i ve been trying to find you for years man . how are you ?
    if you get this email me back at thee above address

  8. jumani? omg i just stumbled upon this from laurence’s post while trying to look for all my posts…
    are you going to publish some of this work? seems like everyone these days is trying to write a book or a screenplay… mine’s still a work-in-progress!

  9. this is my work-in-progress. I struggling enough as it is trying to write before i start wishing for being published. but yes, it does seem as if a lot of people trying to publish something, or at least write.

  10. Wow Juma….! Got tipped in my Nyain that we have a writer in the making!! So just had a read… and so impressive!!! Im would love to write a biography… so I will work on writing you a business proposal:) Then we will publish and be famous!!!!!!!!

  11. oh I love it Juma! The passport story was sooo familiar having just battled for one of those sleek green passports myself. My story was however full to the brim with drama and many hand written notes:)

  12. Oh great. Just read your blog for the first time, and now have a whole new reason to do something way more interesting than get on with work!

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